Landmark MD Monthly Membership Fees



Member Age         Primary Member          Spouse/Partner          *Dependent 1        Dependent 2          Dependent 3          Family Maximum

40 and over           $75                                 $75                                $25                        $25                         Free                        $200/Month

(3 dependent maximum; additional dependents are $25/month

Under 40               $60                                 $60                                $25                         $25                         Free                       $170/Month

(3 dependent maximum, additional dependents are $25/month)


                                                                                                              *Dependent individuals under age 26 will receive the discounted rate*


**All new patients have a minimum membership term of 3 months payable at the first visit. Membership may be cancelled any time after 90 days with no penalty. There may be a reinstatement fee for patients who cancel their membership and wish to renew.**

Annual Prepayment Discount:

Memberships that are billed annually are eligible for one free month of service (12 months for the price of 11) .